Marissa Bell Toffoli


Marissa Bell Toffoli

My name is Marissa Bell Toffoli. A writer and reader, I spend lots of time with books, and then more time thinking about those books and the words that fill their pages. I am interested in what writers are working on, how they think about writing, and how writing fits in their lives. In March 2010 I began publishing interviews with writers, and officially launched this blog in July of that same year. It’s been an exciting journey. The Words With Writers community continues to grow, and in 2012 I revved up the W³ Sidecar blog to bring more authors into the conversation. 

I work as an editor, teacher, and poet. Home is in Berkeley, California with my husband and a wily kitty. At California College of the Arts in San Francisco, I earned an MFA in Writing and discovered that talking with people about literature was one of my favorite things to do. My chapbook of poems, Under the Jacaranda, is available as an e-book from TheWriteDeal. You can learn more about me from my Google profile.

You can read my book reviews for work by writers featured on this site on Goodreads:
Marissa's book recommendations (interviewed-the-author shelf)


September 2013: Neil S. Haley interviewed me for Total Tutor Education Network Author’s Corner. We talked about Words With Writers, and Under the Jacaranda. If you want to listen, Julia Drake Public Relations posted the clip here:

Accolades for Words With Writers

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  2. Nice blog. Very interesting interviews!

  3. Found your site through the Goodreads competition. Neat stuff. Following now.

  4. […] also love to read Words with Writers by my friend, Marissa Bell Toffoli, that focuses on what makes writers tick. The latest post, up right now, is a great look at poet, […]

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